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Client Testimonials

Pink Marble

The enneagram is not a system that I would have cognitively chosen. And yet, it chose me through Mary Lydia. Mary Lydia possesses the gift of seeing, and she utilizes this extraordinary gift to ask you the perfect questions through the system of the enneagram. Although I’ve had my own journey of personal development for over ten years, the questions Mary Lydia asked brought into my awareness things which had never before floated up. I was astounded and at the same time silenced. It’s been a reverent type of silence as I’ve watched my ego crumble and I sit in the wasteland of all I thought was real. What has emerged has been pure magic. Mary Lydia’s passion and devotion will help you enter the power of 9 and and create your own type of miracles!

Lori, South Carolina

When I came to Mary Lydia in October I was planning to leave my husband by December.  A month later our relationship was and continues to be the best it has ever been!  She never even spoke with him; only used the knowledge of our types to give me the tools to communicate with him in a way that was not inflammatory!

Anonymous, Georgia

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