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The things I have uncovered through both enneagram type and instinctual stacking still bring me to my knees. Here’s an insight that came up yesterday because of my stacking, [sxso (sexual/social)] and a digital collage I made in representation.

Creation happens in a void. You cannot create a structure where an existing one is in place. Therefore creation often involves destruction. Destruction a necessary part of it.

The more that is uncovered about me through seeing all that my instinctual stacking has meant in my life, the more I look back in reverence at the path of rubble I’ve left in my wake. I see now that I have destroyed far more than I create.

Enneagram tests are largely inaccurate. I’m now offering extended typing services including core type + wing, full trifix, and instinctual stacking. Please see my website for more details under services.

My type: ❤️‍🔥 sxsc ✨ 6w7⁷ʷ⁸ ✨ 9w1¹ʷ² ✨ 2w3³ʷ⁴ ❤️‍🔥

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