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Next Position! (Type 7: assertive frustration)

My friend just called and I was describing how these attacks I’ve been having feel… they feel like someone gripping my stomach… intense pain and pressure. When in the throes of this, I’m certain that the next position will get me out of pain. And when that doesn't work and proves unsatisfactory, the next position... and the next and the next. Next position is always the solution and next position is always disappointing and leaves me still in pain. I feel I must keep moving. Keep trying to find the next position. While in this state, I feel like I cannot possibly ride in a car to go to the hospital, because then I'd be confined and contained and unable to move into the next position. I feel I may not survive this restriction even more than I may not survive whatever is causing the pain. And it hit me... this is the perfect illustration of 7 and its assertive frustration! A need to keep moving into the next position, and next position, and next position... which you think will get you out of pain, but only leaves you further frustrated.

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